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This page is where you'll find the tools and information you need to be successful in this group. All that's required is your commitment to stick with it!

If at any time you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Rhonda.
(, (757) 582-4337)

Prerequisite Work (Week 0)

Action Step 1: Start/Complete Your Outline

Get to work on your outline! You can access the template here using this link.

 We'll be sharing our progress during our first meeting. You should be done or mostly done by that time. This explainer video will walk you through it, if you need help.

#GetItDone #NoMoreExcuses

Week 0
Week 1: 4/19-4/26

Week 1 - Mindset Check

4/19/21 - 4/26/2021

Meeting Focus

  • Group Introductions

  • Dealing with procrastination & Fear

  • Progress on Outline


  1. In a journal, notebook, sticky note, etc., write 3 statements you can use to inspire/encourage yourself during times of fear/insecurity/imposter syndrome as you write.

  2. Write a letter to yourself about this project. Share how you feel in this moment, and what you hope will come of it. What’s your why? How will you and others be transformed because of this? Be sure to encourage yourself. Be honest. Let this be snapshot of this moment in time, the moment you transition into author-hood.


April 26, 2021

Week 2: 4/26-5/2

Week 2 - Getting Prepared

4/26 - 5/2

Meeting Focus


  1. If you've selected a title, post it in the FB group with an intriguing one-line description. If you have not selected a title, post your 3 options, and get feedback on which one people respond to best.

  2. Finish your outline and submit it for review/feedback using the form below.

  3. Complete the Readiness Worksheet <-- click to download


May 2, 2021

Week 3: 5/3-5/9

Week 3 - Foundation/Connection

5/3 - 5/9

Meeting Focus

  • Finish Group Introductions

  • Review Deliverables - Title Decisions/Feedback

  • Update Progress

  • Writing Kickoff - Foundation & Connection


  1. Write the chapter(s) that will make up the Foundation/Connection/Tell Your Story part of your book. This may be one chapter or several. You decide. You have one week to work on this.


May 9, 2021

Download the PowerPoint Notes here.

Week 4: 5/10-5/16

Week 4 - Helpful Information

5/10 - 5/16

Meeting Focus

  • Progress Check-In

  • Writing Assignment - Finish the "Foundation" chapter(s) and start on "Helpful Information"

**Download the PDF of the remaining timeline here**

Download the PowerPoint notes here.


  1. Tweak your writing routine/space, as needed.

  2. Celebrate at least one (1) writing win in the Get It Done! Facebook Group

  3. Finish the “foundation” chapter(s) of your manuscript.

  4. Work on the Helpful Information chapter(s).


May 16, 2021

Week 5 - The Setup

5/17 - 5/23

Week 5: 5/17-5/23

Meeting Focus

  • Update Progress 

  • Writing-life balance

  • The Setup 


  1. If you’re behind schedule, re-adjust your writing plan/word count goals

  2. Celebrate at least one (1) writing win in the Get It Done! FB Group

  3. Finish the “Helpful Information” chapter(s) of your manuscript.

  4. Work on the Setup chapter(s)


May 23, 2021

Download the PowerPoint notes here.

Week 6 : 5/24-5/30

Week 6 - The Climax/Solution/Transformation

5/24 - 5/30

Meeting Focus

  • Review adjustments/Check-in 

  • Discussion: The Setup


  1. Work through “The Setup” chapters of your book.

  2. Assess your progress to see if further adjustments need to be made. Determine what it will take to finish on time, if you still plan to finish by June 14th.

  3. Share one of your favorite lines that you’ve written so far in the FB group – get some reactions!



May 30, 2021

Download the PowerPoint notes here.

Week 7 : 5/31-6/6


5/31 - 6/6


  • A video will be uploaded to help you as you write the Climax/Solution/Transformation section(s) of your book.


  1. Finish work on “The Setup” chapter(s) of your book.

  2. Start on the Climax/Solution/Transformation section(s) of your book.

  3. In the FB group, complete and post the following statement as your status, “During this writing process, my biggest challenge was ________, but I overcame it by ________.”

  4. Remember, this week and next week are the last two writing weeks of the program. Make whatever adjustments you need, if you plan to be done by June 14th.


June 6, 2021

Download the PowerPoint notes here.

Week 8 : 6/7-6/13

Week 8 - Conclusion/Introduction
6/7 - 6/13

Meeting Focus

  • Tips to Finish STRONG and on time.

  • How to wrap up if you’re nearly done, and how to finish if you need to go beyond the deadline.

  • Submit a review/survey for the program.

  • Discussion: Writing the Conclusion and Introduction.



Meeting Focus


  • What's Next?

  • Resources for editing and publishing 

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