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Few things are more satisfying than seeing your ideas become real. When your purpose, passion, and work become aligned... There's nothing like it! I want to help you experience that. Together, we'll conquer challenges and discover solutions that will take your life and business to new levels!

The Struggle to Find Purpose is REAL...

My first business was birthed out of necessity: I was in an abusive marriage and my job was closing. I had a toddler to care for and no prospects for a job on the horizon. My escape plan was to leave everything behind. I lost my home, my possessions, and my self-esteem. For seven years I worked to rebuild my life, and I've experienced it all. I've been overwhelmed, broke, depressed, and alone. Today, however, I can proudly proclaim: 

I Survived!

Today, as a full-time entrepreneur, I can tell you that one of the most important contributors to my success was my business coach. The first time I sat with her, I was so resistant! I didn't want to admit that I needed help, even though I knew I did. By the time our meeting ended, I was in tears. She understood me! She could hear what was in my heart and she had the tools to help me move forward in a way no one else had been able to before. It was such a relief to connect with someone who truly "got" me. My business grew beyond my wildest dreams, and I changed in ways I never thought possible.

Now, I work with individuals and groups around the world, helping them to achieve the same sort of transformation. This is my assignment in life. It's what I've been called to do. I've been blessed to touch the lives of thousands through my books, coaching, consulting, and speaking opportunities, and I've helped hundreds revolutionize the way they think about and do business. 

Success isn't some nebulous, elusive concept. It's real. It's definable. It's measurable. Together we'll define what it looks like for you, and we'll work hard to get you there. 

My assignment is your success! Together, we're unstoppable!

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