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Entrepreneur's Devotional: Day 6

Affirmation: "I will find ways and reasons to be grateful. God is still on my side."

Song: "(I Just Want to) Thank You Lord" recorded by E. Dewey Smith

After all we’ve seen over the last 7 days, it seems appropriate to start the week off with grateful hearts and minds. There are so many things we can name that has gone wrong or is going wrong, but somehow, we must continue to focus on the good that is happening. One thing you may have noticed is that there is an increased focus on humanity and community. This is a complete shift from the “me focus” that has generally predominated our society. Now, we are looking after each other physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We have had more time to spend with family and to work on things we’ve been putting off.

Our scripture for today reminds us that we should give thanks because not only is it God’s will that we do so, we should be reminded that he is in control of everything, and when we are in his will for our lives, we can be thankful that we are a part of his plan and covered by the blood of his Son, Jesus.

Personally, I am grateful because for the last 3 days, I have been feeling less than 100%. As you can probably imagine, my mind has constantly been on 1000, wondering if this is some precursor to the newest “big C”… I have taken my temp like 40 times a day, just to be sure that all is still well. And I find myself thanking God every time my temp comes back normal. Every time I self-evaluate and realize that I am not short of breath or coughing, I tell God thank you, and my faith is strengthened.

You may be feeling the same way. If you’ve been out of the house over the last week, you might be questioning every little twinge or cough, wondering if you’re about to be the next statistic. I want to remind you – as I had to remind myself this morning – that if I can read all the negatives (facts and hypotheticals) about this virus, I can also believe what I read in the bible. It’s all a choice. I choose to believe what’s in God’s word. Make that choice for yourself today, and think about all he’s done for you in the past week that you can say “thank you” for. He has kept us this far, and he’ll continue to keep us.

Remind yourself that you will find ways and reasons to be grateful, for God is still on our side. For our song today, listen to “I Just Want to Thank You Lord”… It’s the first thing that came to mind when I thought about sharing with you this week.


Dr. Rhonda Alexander helps leaders and entrepreneurs uncover and discover their best! As an author, professional speaker, and coach, she connects with people who are looking to fulfill their purpose and walk effectively in their life’s calling. Her books, EntrHERpreneur and Your Life’s Calling, can be purchased on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. Her newest e-book, Side Hustle or Sustainable, is now available for direct download. She is also available for group and individual coaching. Contact Dr. Rhonda directly at

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