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Entrepreneur's Devotional: Day 1

Affirmation: My business is a resource, not THE source. God supplies my needs according to His riches in glory.

Scripture: Philippians 4:19

Song: "God Provides" by Tamela Mann

With all that's going on pertaining to the coronavirus and its effects, entrepreneurs may find themselves concerned about the future of their business. Many of us wonder what will happen to our businesses if people stop spending or if income from a job diminishes or goes away altogether.

This devotional encourages you to take a few moments out of your day to be reminded that God is in control, and if he has assigned us to this path, it is his responsibility to take care of us as we travel it. Our job is to stay focused and consciously stay in his will for our lives.

During this time, it is important for us to remember that WE ARE NOT ALONE. As entrepreneurs, we’re all in this together. Personally, I have asked God, “What will I do”? I have had those tearful, panicked moments, thinking about what will happen if the economy comes to a halt and people and business stop spending globally. I’m not going to lie to you – it’s scary. Especially as someone whose primary income comes from my entrepreneurial efforts.

We must not forget who we are, though, and why we do what we do. We're created for this; we're not just in it for the money. So I encourage you to continue to lean on God and on the community of entrepreneurs who understand your journey and who will support you as you walk in faith for your success in this season.

We also must realize that the market will open up new opportunities for us, so we should discard the idea of “business as usual”. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open as we look for problems we can solve. Successful businesses are answers to questions and solutions to problems, so our businesses will thrive when we provide a service or product that fits what the market needs. Let’s be innovative! We have to think of new ways to solve old problems or solve new problems as they arise. In any case, let’s be on alert and open to new niches we can fit into and master.

Finally, we must persist. The key to surviving this season lies in our decision keep going every day. Truthfully, this might be hard in the coming months, but if you’re like me and you believe that what you’re doing is part of your purpose and destiny, you must hold on. I can’t lie, I’ve found myself panicked and looking at the job market like, if this entrepreneur thing doesn’t work, what else can I do? For some of us, returning to a regular job for a short period might become a reality to help us take care of our household bills until this economic ship rights itself. Regardless, we can’t give up on our assignments. We’re called, so we must make a daily decision to answer.

Today, let's keep this affirmation in mind:

My business is a resource, not THE source. God supplies my needs according to his riches in glory.

Make this part of yourself talk today and going forward. As we encounter challenges and/or fear/panic, let’s remember who really takes care of us. If you’re encouraged by music, take a listen to Tamela Mann’s "God Provides" and let her lyrics comfort you as you continue your walk as an entrepreneur.


Dr. Rhonda Alexander helps leaders and entrepreneurs uncover and discover their best! As an author, professional speaker, and coach, she connects with people who are looking to fulfill their purpose and walk effectively in their life’s calling. Her books, EntrHERpreneur and Your Life’s Calling, can be purchased on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. She is also available for group and individual coaching. Contact Dr. Rhonda directly at

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