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Entrepreneur's Devotional: Day 2

Affirmation: "I don't have to worry. My God takes care of the birds and flowers; He'll take care of me."

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34

Song: "Oh How He Loves Us" by New Breed

In light of all that is happening around us, it can be easy to get caught up in the panic and hype. There are talks of recession, the stock market is down, and people are being encouraged to shelter in place for the next few weeks. Everywhere we look, buildings are empty; streets are abandoned. I'll admit... it doesn't look good. If you find yourself in a place of worry, fear, or despair because your business seems to be doomed, take heart. This devotional will not only help you see that God loves you and has promised to take care of you, it will also provide you with some ideas and strategies for remaining agile as you navigate the coming uncertain weeks.


On my social media, I’ve been seeing new services popping up here and there, especially tutoring for busy parents who are now home-schoolers, and I’ve seen students find ways they can make money while they’re at home. This lets me know that entrepreneurship is alive and well! While it may look as though things are coming to a screeching halt, what you see may not actually be true. Though people aren't out and about, many of them have moved their operations and products inside, and they're finding new, innovative ways to deliver their services so they can keep the lights on and continue in their businesses.

You can do the same! If your business has had to close to the public or minimize the number of hours it's available, you'll have to make that income up in some way. First, YOU CAN'T GIVE IN TO DESPAIR! You must adjust your thinking and tap into your ability to innovate. Surely some part of your business or service can be digitized and provided to the public electronically. Can you help people relax and meditate? Do you create recipes? Think beyond the usual! How will you continue serving your customers? They're out there -- bored and in need. What can you do to address that?

As you consider how to move forward, pay attention to what people are complaining about. Do their pain points align with something you do or make? How can you add value to these individuals even though they're confined to their homes? This is your value proposition – the way you bridge the gap between what people have and what they want. Your business will continue to thrive if you can find a way to make people's lives simpler. Figure out how you can provide your everyday services in an innovative way. Again, this is not likely to be found in your comfort zone, so prepare your mind now!

You should be asking yourself two questions right now:

  1. What customer pain points can I address?

  2. How can I add value to people’s lives?

Once you figure out how you alleviate your customers' pains, then you'll be ready to work on developing the product and getting it into their hands. Their response will help validate your idea and legitimize it to others.

How does this tie in with our theme for today?

Both birds and flowers are sensitive to their environments. They typically exist where they can thrive. This didn't happen randomly. Their habitats are where the Father put them. You, according to our scripture for the day, are more valuable than birds and flowers, so you can be confident that He has placed you where you’re supposed to be, at the time you’re supposed to be there, so you can bloom into exactly what He had in mind when He created you.

You exist for this time. So, stop thinking that God wants your business to fail. He does not. The present days’ circumstances are not a surprise to Him and neither are your existence and needs. Just as with the flowers and birds, He has put you in the right location and season for your success. It is up to you to be open to the process of blossoming and transforming from the seed you are into the flower you’re created to be.

Since God has considered the plight of the egg and the seed, we can stand firm in knowing that He is considering us, too. The same way he provides for their sustenance and growth, He is doing the same and even more for us according to His word.

You can build your faith on this today. Your business is not doomed. Every time you see a flower in bloom or hear the song of a bird, your faith should be strengthened because your Father is providing for you, too! As you go throughout your day, meditate on today’s affirmation and remember that you don’t have to worry about what’s to come as long as you’re in His will.

“I don’t have to worry. My God provides for the birds and flowers. He will take care of me.”

If you find yourself needing to be reminded of how God feels about you, listen to “Oh How He Loves Us” by New Breed. Let the lyrics wash over you as you remember that He cares about you and all that pertains to you.


Dr. Rhonda Alexander helps leaders and entrepreneurs uncover and discover their best! As an author, professional speaker, and coach, she connects with people who are looking to fulfill their purpose and walk effectively in their life’s calling. Her books, EntrHERpreneur and Your Life’s Calling, can be purchased on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. She is also available for group and individual coaching. Contact Dr. Rhonda directly at

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