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Entrepreneur's Devotional: Day 4

Affirmation: “God isn’t surprised by this moment in time. His plan is for me to succeed despite what may be happening around me.”

Song: "Do It Again" Elevation Worship feat. Travis Greene

Do you believe God hears your prayers? I will be first to admit that sometimes it feels like he hears everyone but me. I shed tears, I throw fits, and still it seems as though He has His noise canceling headphones on, unaware that I am even speaking. It is frustrating to need God and feel like you can’t get a prayer through to Him. I have learned, though, that sometimes I don’t hear God because my heart doesn’t want to. I think I want His word, but I’m really not ready, because He may remind me of the things He's told me to do that I haven’t done. So one side of my heart says, "God, I need to hear from you," while the other side says, “True. As long as you don’t talk about that thing I don't want to do.”

The reality is that what Gd is requiring of us may be challenging and it may even seem impossible. But His word tells us that we must trust him. James 2:26 says that faith without works is dead. We have to believe that the work is going to produce an end that He knows all about.

For those of you who are struggling, do you realize that God knew exactly where you’d be today? Do you realize that He knew you would experience every feeling in your heart right now? Can you fathom that none of this – not one ounce of it -- is new or surprising to Him? So why do we allow ourselves to get so bent out of shape when we are caught off guard by life’s circumstances?

Consider this. Have you ever ridden a roller coaster for the first time with someone who has ridden the ride many times? You are surprised and thrilled by the dips and turns, but your friend is not. Instead, their excitement stems from your surprise and excitement, and they exclaim "Watch this!" or "This is the best part!" because they already know each turn and dip the the ride will make, and they can't wait to see whether you, enjoy it as much as they do.

That’s kind of how God treats our journey. None of what we're experiencing is news. He has a destiny – an expected end -- that he desires to see us reach. We must call on him, pray to him, and listen, so that we will know the next steps to take on our path. The fact that He knows His plan should be enough for us. If we trust Him and His plan to prosper us and not harm us, we’ll take comfort in knowing that what we currently see and feel in our circumstances are not part of His ultimate plan for us. So our job is to keep pressing forward and believe that the best is still yet to come.

So think about these questions today:

  1. Is there any aspect of your life or business in which you need to go back and do something God told you to do (but you didn’t)?

  2. What new challenge are you being led to take on, but are avoiding? Do you believe that He has a plan for your success in completing this thing? Do you trust Him to get you out of that challenge?

The change you need to make today is in your mindset. One key shift can not only change your perspective, it can allow God to lead you toward His desires for your life. It will also allow you to see that even in times of difficulty, his plan for you won't change, and that everything you face is a part of the story of overcoming you'll be able to tell when you find yourself on the other side of this circumstance.

For musical encouragement today, check out “Do It Again” by Elevation Worship, and be reminded that God is faithful, his promise stands, and he’s never failed.


Dr. Rhonda Alexander helps leaders and entrepreneurs uncover and discover their best! As an author, professional speaker, and coach, she connects with people who are looking to fulfill their purpose and walk effectively in their life’s calling. Her books, EntrHERpreneur and Your Life’s Calling, can be purchased on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. Her newest e-book, Side Hustle or Sustainable, is now available for direct download. She is also available for group and individual coaching. Contact Dr. Rhonda directly at

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