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This is it. You've put it off long enough! It's time to complete this part of your life's assignment. No more procrastination. No more excuses. This is where "getting it done" starts. TODAY.

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One of the reasons I was able to finish my book "Your Life's Calling" in 45 days was because I had someone working with me, pushing me to "get the book done." She knew my goal and wouldn't let me punk out or quit. Thanks to her, I did it. I wrote my book in 45 days.

Now, it's my turn to help you! Not only will I be cheering you on, I'll be sharing my expertise to help you Get It Done. You won't be alone, and in a few short weeks, you'll have a finished manuscript in-hand, ready for publishing!

Here's what you can expect:

  • An 8-week, structured program to write your book, start to finish

  • My outline worksheet to lay the foundation for your book

  • Videos for each phase of writing to show you what to write and how.

  • Weekly e-mails with mindset support and encouragement to keep you motivated and inspired as you write


The program is self-paced so you can start it at any time, and fit it into any schedule.

Get the tools you need to get organized and writing TODAY. 


You don't have to wait until I announce the next #GetItDone Book-Writing Cohort. You can get started RIGHT NOW. Don't procrastinate one more day or allow fear to win! Enroll in the course right now to get the resources you need to get started, to get organized and to GET. IT. DONE.

All you need to do is fill out the form below, select "Checkout", and pay on the next screen. The information you need to get started will be delivered to your e-mail inbox in mere moments. 



Links to course materials and website will be delivered to you via e-mail. If you don't see them within minutes following purchase, check your Spam/Junk Mail.

Email for assistance.

Thanks for your order!

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