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It's time to take the LEAP!

There's no doubt that we are all works in progress. The difference between our ability to excel versus our remaining in the status quo is our readiness and willingness to take the necessary steps to experience transformation in our lives. 

Let's be honest, you're destined for a life that exceeds mediocrity and mere survival. You're created to thrive, to succeed, to change the WORLD. You're here because you know that, and you're looking for help to transition from where you are to where you're created to be. You have a goal, an assignment that's bigger than you.


I know how that feels!

I know what it's like to be at a crossroads -- to either stay where you are, where it's comfortable, or venture out into the unknown, where you you must believe, trust, and have faith. While many of us initially decide to remain in our comfort zones, the drive to do and be more won't go away. The longer you wait, the louder your destiny calls! This is a transformation you simply cannot avoid. It's time to make a change -- in your mindset, your heart posture, and your actions.

I believe that you have everything you need right now to step out of your comfort zone and LEAP onto the path toward your destiny. My coaching philosophy follows this belief -- when you tap into what's already inside you, you can create the Lean Exit and Action Plan that will guide your next steps. My goal as your coach is to help you defeat the mental and emotional barriers you're facing that keep you from pursuing your life's assignment, and to support you as you begin transforming into the woman God designed you to be, birthing what he as destined you to bring forth to leave your mark on the world.


The Purpose LEAP™
Group Coaching Program

The Purpose LEAP™ Coaching program is a 12-week cohort-based program that will push you out of your comfort zone and onto your path of purpose. It's perfect for you if you want to:

  • discover your purpose, so you uncover who God created you to be

  • get beyond the mental roadblocks (such as fear and procrastination) you are facing, so you can get out of toxic environments and away from toxic people

  • create a strategy to launch a new business or transition from employee to full-time entrepreneur, so you can put your purpose, skills, and expertise to work for you

You'll work directly with me to create a "fool proof" plan that you can actually follow to LEAP to the next level in your life. 

My Clients Say...


Keischa Pruden

"Dr. Alexander, hands down, is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. She possesses a “working patience “ that allows you to experience your own epiphanies and work through the coaching process without feeling rushed or diminished. My goals were accomplished and I thank Dr. Alexander for being a guide on this leg of my journey."


Christal Wilson

"Dr. Rhonda is an excellent coach. If you want to see your business go to another level then check her out. She is very knowledgeable and an experienced coach. She is passionate about helping every business succeed"


Shaena Wiggins

"WOW......just finished the Pursuing Your Life's Calling Workshop and all I can say is WOW! Not only was I able to work through my calling but I was also able to create goals that I am able to work through and make progress in pursuing my calling. Thank you Dr. Rhonda!"


Apply here to join the waitlist.

The biggest reason I want to enroll in The Purpose Leap is
Professional coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Are you willing to do the work and follow through on the steps we agree upon to move you toward the achievement of your goals?
How ready are you to take the next step to invest the time, money, and energy to stepping into the next phase of your life?
The financial investment to coach with Dr. Rhonda can range from $1500 to $15,000. Please tell us about your current financial situation.

Thanks for submitting!

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