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How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!


It's January, and we are ALL at the goal-setting phase right now. For most people, this isn't the hard part. What's difficult is doing what it takes all year to reach that goal. To "eat your elephant" this year, you must take a bite a day. That is, you must do something each day that gets you closer to your goal(s) for the year. 

I have created a tool called the "Goal & Growth Tracker", which will help you do three things:

  1. Set meaningful goals for this year;

  2. Set quarterly benchmarks or "milestones" to help you measure your progress; and

  3. Assign daily actions to help you reach those milestones, and ultimately, your goals.

Enter your e-mail address below to immediately receive the Goals & Quarterly Milestones sheet, as well as the Daily Actions sheet for January! You'll also be first in line to receive February through December as they're published.

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